An extremely well attended evening was hosted by DLI on 2 August, with the guest speaker being Major General Duncan Capps, who was on holiday to visit his family in KZN.

The evening started off with a welcome by Colonel Derek Moe, Chairman of the DLI HQ Board. A welcome was made by SANS President Robert King accompanied by pre-drinks and snacks, after which the guests moved to room 4 with a Piper Fuller leading the way. 

After an introduction by Graeme Fuller, the main talk was given by Major General Duncan Capps, who after 35 years service was able to give some insight into how the British Military has evolved and with particular reference to the changing face of logistics required in different operational sectors.

 Of particular interest were  the challenges of logistics in Afganistan.

After the speech, a vote of thanks was given by Ian Smith, which was followed by a performance of the Durban Caledonian Society Pipe Band (formerly 1 Medical Battalion Regimental Association Pipe Band), in the Green Jacket Room.

 A big thank you to the DLI Management and Staff for their support for this event.

Below are images taken on the evening:

Col. Acutt , Gen Capps and Col Fuller at Edinburgh
Major Gen Capps with Graeme Fuller.
Caledonian Pipe Band Drummer.
Caledonian Pipe Band members at DLI
The Caledonian Pipe Band in the quadrangle at DLI
Gen. Capps, Angie St George(Chairlady SANS) and Graeme Fuller, evening convener.
Gen. Capps giving his address.
Graeme Fuller introducing Gen. Capps
DLI welcome by Colonel Derek Moe ( Chairman of DLI HQ Board and host)
Attendees at the DLI evening.
Memory Coutts and Myra Boyes, chief organizers of the function.
Piper, Fuller of the Caledonian Pipe Band.
SANS President, Robert King.


General Capps Presentation at Durban Light Infantry held on 2 August 2019