Bill Guest (Howard College student 1959-1962 and University of Natal staff member in Historical Studies 1967-2005) has recently completed a “History of Natal University College (1909-1949) – The genesis of university studies in KwaZulu-Natal”.

It is due to be published within the next few months by the Natal Society Foundation in Pietermaritzburg.

Bill is currently writing a two-volume “History of the University of Natal 1949-2004” for the same publisher.

If you have or had any connection with the University as a student/staff member or in some other capacity he would welcome your input of information and/or memories.

He has spent a year in the University and other archival repositories but these do not tell the whole story and he would welcome your contribution however insignificant you may consider it to be.

Your recollections and anecdotes will help to enhance the human dimension of this history in ways that cannot be gleaned from the surviving records.

If you would like to use his questionnaire as a guideline to the sort of information he is seeking, or would like to contribute in a format of your own, he can be contacted by e-mail at:  or you can download the form here A History of the University of Natal-Questionnaire