One may think that Durban’s premier beachfront is one of the worst places imaginable to try to grow a variety of trees: think of the sandy soil, danger of vandalism, and salt-laden wind for starters. Drawing the obvious conclusion would. however, be dead wrong. Some 30 years ago a Highveld resident took a walk from Somtseu Road to what was then still called West Street and back, noting the trees to be seen in the street and gardens on the way. Surprise! This brief and doubtless incomplete list was twice as long as could be expected from an equivalent stroll in either Pretoria or Cape Town. The list was expanded with brief notes on the trees and published in Trees in South Africa (the journal of the Tree Society of South Africa) 43: 46–53 (1991).

Article provided by Dr Hugh Glen.



Trees of South Africa on Durbans Golden Mile