THE DATE: 9th December 2014

VENUE: KwaMuhle Museum, Bram Fischer Road [Ordnance Road] Durban.

TIME: Meeting commences -17h30; Refreshments will be served from 16h45.

PARKING: Off Bram Fischer/Ordnance Road [next to the Museum]; security person is present

FIRST FEATURE: Killie Campbell Bursary Presentation. This is your opportunity to meet and listen to our Killie Campbell Bursary recipient for next year. Come along and learn something about the work SANS is supporting.

MAIN FEATURE AND SPEAKER: Continuing what seems to be an end of calendar year theme of what lies beneath, Patrick Voorma will be telling us about, ‘A sunken submarine off the coast of Durban.’

AGM REPORT BACK: In spite of speaking after a most enjoyable lunch at the RNYC, Prof Michael Watkeys kept everyone enthralled and wide awake with his intriguing talk entitled “WHAT LIES BENEATH”. Academic leader he may be but Mike Watkeys delved into and explained the wonders of the ocean floor between Africa and Madagascar in a way that everyone present could follow. Mike explained how research has enabled us to better understand the changes to our planet and how deep ocean ridges have played a significant part in moving the continents to where they are today. 200 million years in just 200 blips, in other words one million years per blip, provided a dramatic yet easy to understand visual of the breakup of Gondwanaland and the changes that lead to the position of the continents we live on now.

Ian Smith and Prof Michael Watkeys with his well-deserved thank you gift

INVITATION: The SA Archaeological Society is offering a 17 day tour to SW China in April and May 2015. The tour will visit the Gobi Desert, spend one day at the Terracotta Soldiers site and encompass aspects of geology and history amongst its many interests. The tour has been arranged via Fox Tours – contact Reinoud Boers, 011 803 2681, or email who can provide full details, booking forms etc.

KEEPING UP TO DATE WITH EVENTS: SANS receives invitations and notices about forthcoming events run by organisations with interests similar to those of SANS. Use this link to SANS website for the latest information and details of these.

NAUREEN CRAIG: Time has not allowed for an informative appreciation to Naureen covering her myriad contributions to SANS but this is in the offing and hopefully will appear early in 2015.