THE DATE:       11 April 2017

VENUE:            KwaMuhle Museum, Bram Fischer Road [Ordnance Road] Durban.

TIME:               Meeting commences at 17:15; Refreshments will be served from 16:45.

PARKING:        Off Bram Fischer/Ordnance road [next to the Museum]; security person is present

DAPHNE STRUTT PRIZE:         This year’s winner, Zanenhlahla Ngwenya, will be presented with the Daphne Strutt Prize for 2017 followed by a brief presentation by Ms Ngwenya about her life’s goals and achievements thus far.

FEATURE:        The History you don’t learn in School: How to wear Victorian clothes and get away with it – Presented by the Society’s own Dr Hugh Glen

Have you ever wondered how long it took Victorian ladies to get going in the morning? Or to move around in the voluminous clothing we see in old pictures of Durban? Or cope with the heat in summer? Or, ahem, how they coped with a call of nature? Hugh recently found a series of short videos, produced for re-enactors of historical events, giving the answers to these and other questions.

(We should add that the pictures are decent — the model never wears less than a shift and stockings.)

Come and be entertained; you might just learn something useful.

And what an appropriate subject this is for the Daphne Strutt Prize award evening.

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Newsletter & Program for April 2017