Good day,

My name is Tatanya Thavar. I’m currently a 3rd year, Fashion Design and Textile Student at DUT (Durban University of Technology).

I will be sharing my journey as a designer and the reason for my choice in career. From little, I was always drawn to fashion and curious about textiles and prints. From then I had decided to become a designer. I remember having no experience, when applying for the fashion and textile course at DUT. It was basically a leap of faith that I had to take for myself and to be quite frank it was the best decision I ever made.

As always, everything in life isn’t easy. Hence, forth my 1st year at campus was extremely challenging, especially adapting in a new environment. However, at the end of the day I was able to overcome those challenges and focus on the light at the end of the tunnel.

I remember wanting to quit at one stage because I felt as if everything wasn’t working out for me, as naive as I was, I considered the option of dropping out. However, my parents motivated me to stay strong and focus on what I wanted to achieve, 3 years later I’m finishing my final year. Happy as ever, with everything I’ve produced thus far and will be coming back to complete my advanced diploma.

In essence, my journey as a fashion design and textile student has been extremely challenging but rewarding in many ways. I’ve not only developed many new skills and abilities. But rather found my identity and aesthetic as a fashion designer/artist.

Because of the current time constraints, my focus has been on finishing my final year. In the near future, I aim on expanding my current brand “JARDA” to reach a wider audience. I also hope to gain experience through internships and collaborations with other brand houses. My aim is basically to grow my brand into a nationally and internationally recognized brand that caters for confident and fiercely feminine women who are ready to take over!

You can find out more about my brand and its aim on Instagram @

Thank you, Tatanya Thavar.