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The SOUTH AFRICAN NATIONAL SOCIETY values each and every donation we receive.  We regard our individual and institutional donors as key supporters who invest in our mission to protect our Heritage and support the Arts & Culture of our country. As such, we recognize them for their extraordinary generosity and dedication to our cause using our Virtual Donor Wall.

If you would like to make a donation and assist the Society, we can recognize your donation on the memorial wall below. If you would like to donate and commemorate a friend, or commemorate a member of the military, we can commemorate that person on the wall below.

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Individual Donors
Name Detail
Dr Christopher Peter Terreblanche In memory of a great practitoner, raconteur, canoeist, a man with many friends and devoted father to Peter, John and Michael. Died far too young – on 17 August 2005.


Corporate Donors

Name Detail



Name Detail


Name Rank Unit D.O.D.
Philip John Armstrong Rifleman First Battalion, Rhodesia Regiment 27 October 1976 – Kotwa